Elliot Shank

Hokey smokes. The copyleft symbol is going to be in Unicode 11.

NASA’s New Planet Hunter Snaps Initial Test Image, Swings by Moon Toward Final Orbit 🔭

TIL that APFS stores file timestamps down to the nanosecond.

Recent ls replacement discoveries: exa and colorls.

And Man Created God in His Own Image (1930) - Ivan Albright

Nearby wifi network: “It burns when IP”.

The refactoring aparently never stops.

Refactoring refactored refactorings.

Every time someone misspells your name, it shows that they don’t really care about what you think about them.

Nice story on The Athletic over at Six Colors. It complements the sort of media discussions that Ben Thompson has been having.

The “IRS has a warrant out for your arrest” spam calls are getting ridiculous.

Got something useful done tonight.

Spam-caused double take: “New Brake Master Cylinder”. (vs Breakmaster Cylinder)

“Clonezone” is Clonezone the Hilaritor from Nexus (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nexus_%28comics%29). #MyHandleExplained

Drafts 5 is making me extremely happy.

Thank you @agiletortoise.

The opening round of this weeks Inconceivable is brilliant: “Polearm or Cheese?” 🎙

*mumble* *grumble* JavaScript Sets don’t have a .length. Instead, they have a .size.

Shuttling chunks of JavaScript between Vim on on the MBP and Drafts 5 on the iPad via Dropbox.

It’s the Drafts 5 test.

Completed the Macstories review. I have plans for Drafts 5 this weekend.