Elliot Shank

Why is there no “head desk” emoji?

One of my favorite things about *nix is that stdin, stdout, and stderr are nothing more than user-space conventions supported by open(2) and dup(2) using the lowest numbered unused filehandle.

C++ is such a pain in terms of having to continually think of storage and object lifetime.

Yum. www.theonion.com/hellmann-…

I pay 3 podcast networks and 1 individual podcast to openly share their work. I hope the walled-off networks shrivel up and die. twitter.com/marcoarme…

Cherry Cola Oreos are horrid.

Different ways of venting political anger: overcast.fm/+Mala3UcW…

If you are an Amazon customer (and who isn’t these days), you should listen to this week’s Reply All: overcast.fm/+DzGWWaMx…

Finally deleted the 40+ GB of apps in ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Mobile Applications. Sad that app syncing in iTunes is gone; all that wasted bandwidth for getting the same thing on multiple devices.

I love Inconceivable!. The amount of work that Dan Moren puts into the show is incredible. “Cheese or Polearm?” forever.

Today’s lesson: On systemd systems, override the postgresql-10 service’s idea of the value of PGDATA before running postgresql-10-setup initdb.

Even if initdb succeeds, postgresql-10-setup will fail if the service’s PGDATA does not look like a database directory.

Email needs emoji reactions.

Clever of @TurbocastApp to use chapter markers for ads. Dynamically added ads preclude chapters and mean that they’re not at fixed points in the podcast.

Actions have consequences. 📷

I can’t bear to listen to the new Ministry album. Drumpf samples are just depressing as hell. Never had this problem Ministry albums released during either Bush presidency; those just got me riled up.

I’m liking the new Rhys Fulber solo album.

I died of pneumonia.

Someone signed up with Paypal with an email account I control. Now Paypal won’t let me go through password recovery to shut the account down.

Considering reporting all Paypal email as spam to my email provider.

Tribalism is ugly.

Being sucked into object ownership & lifetime hell. Reading up on std::move().