Elliot Shank

I wonder what @ismh’s plans for May are: www.macworld.com/article/1…

What does one do when Mike Duncan is on one of his breaks? Binge-relisten to your favorite previous revolution!

Today’s Planet Money Indicator is right up Brianna Wu’s campaign’s alley: www.npr.org/sections/…

Trying to manipulate an SQLite database from inside a VirtualBox VM and the host O/S, even sequentially, is not working very well. Have to write stuff to have the host poke operations through into the guest O/S.

Use Dredd to test APIs described by Swagger and want to get the buggy incorporation of tags into the test name out? Comment out this line.

Easily nerd-snipe Elliot: say the word “codepoint” within earshot.

*sigh* Sad, but probably true. twitter.com/stroughto…

Brilliant spoof or exemplar of the thing it is trying to criticise? 🎵 70’s Rock Must Die 🎵

egrep(1) is “non-standard” and deprecated??? github.com/koalaman/…

I find Bandcamp’s social features to be annoying and needless public display of private information. I want it to just be a store.

Google Chrome v63:

  • LC_ALL=en_GB ➡︎ navigator.language = 'en-GB' 👍
  • LC_ALL=en_CA ➡︎ navigator.language = 'en-GB' 🤷‍♂️
  • LC_ALL=en_SG ➡︎ navigator.language = 'en-US' 😞

I find it hard to believe how primitive date/time parsing in browsers is in 2018.

LC_ALL=en_CA.UTF-8 google-chromenavigator.language: “en-GB”. 🤷‍♂️

Had to Wikipedia “autogyro” just now. Wowzers.

This review is great: www.npr.org/sections/…

I ❤️ the Firefox JSON renderer.

Where did all the emissions violating Volkswagen cars go? Here: dailyoverview.tumblr.com/post/1721…

I’m going to cry so hard: www.youtube.com/watch

This week’s Exponent is going to be entertaining: medium.com/@jamesall…

The proposal for adding the copyleft symbol to Unicode is awesome. Lots of examples of existing usage of the symbol.