Elliot Shank

It’s new Front Line Assembly and Juno Ractor day!

From the Wireshark INSTALL file:

  1. This is software. Beware.

OMFSM, writing C++ code for the first time in 14 years.

Cake doughnuts are the deserts of sadness, because they could have been raised, glazed doughnuts.

Rails 📷

Platform 📷

Just got burnt by the lack of isolation that Thin applies when evaluating config.ru. The config.ru got access to a variable that I did not expect it to.

I wonder what stories Microsoft is working on, now that they’ve acquired the most used historical fiction editor.

On the past and present of the word “queer”: www.theallusionist.org/allusioni… 🎙️

If you want interesting @ mentions, have a handle that is also the name of a chain of British gay sex-toy shops.

Listening to the classics: The Fatima Mansions - Blues For Ceauşescu 🎵

If you think of Bash as “we’re going to do a Bourne compatible version of Csh, plus interactive editing”, Zsh is like “we’re going to do a Bourne-like shell, but we’re going to break compatibility where Bourne is brain-dead, and then we’re going to add in the kitchen sink, refrigerator, and dishwasher”.

OH: “has anyone made Emacs bootable yet”

I like USB-C and want movement towards it to accelerate.

Hokey smokes. The copyleft symbol is going to be in Unicode 11.

NASA’s New Planet Hunter Snaps Initial Test Image, Swings by Moon Toward Final Orbit 🔭

TIL that APFS stores file timestamps down to the nanosecond.

Recent ls replacement discoveries: exa and colorls.

And Man Created God in His Own Image (1930) - Ivan Albright

Nearby wifi network: “It burns when IP”.