Elliot Shank

Finding unlocking of Apple Watch via unlocking iPhone to be significantly slower with iOS 12/watchOS 5.

Stop the 2 space indent nonsense in recent ruby.vim:

let g:ruby_recommended_style = 0

Today I learned about RFC 8081.

I really, really wish PostgreSQL supported unsigned integers.

The modern version of the XKCD “compiling” comic is “waiting for the Vagrant VM to tear down and rebuild”.

Going through Learning Perl 6.

Today I learned that recent versions of Vim have a standard digraph for the ellipsis, so I can delete my override of MIDLINE HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS. Both «^K,.» and «^K.,» will result in a proper HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS.

The way to brighten your day: The Power of Lard! (lyrics). 🎵

I am not happy with the concept of variable podcast contents.

Copies of timestamps on files on High Sierra on APFS are truncating to microseconds, including cp -p source destination. Joy.

Seeing Ruby’s FileUtils.copy_entry(source, destination, true) mis-copy mtime on files on MacOS with APFS by a few microseconds, resulting in the destination being considered out-of-date.

OH in relation to a Fig problem: “there is some advanced Goldboltology [sic] at work.”

Did you know that you can customize digraphs in Vim? Surprisingly, there is no standard digraph for the ellipsis, so I override the binding for MIDLINE HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS (“⋯”) like so: digraph .3 8230

I’m really liking bat.

Pulling email RFCs out of the top of my head like I was RJBS or something.

Subshells are interesting beasts.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

echo Parent: $$ $BASHPID

    echo Child: $$ $BASHPID

        echo Grandchild: $$ $BASHPID

Note that /bin/bash on macOS is old and does not support $BASHPID, so it does not support differentiating subshell processes.

Today’s Vim digraph is .M, for middle dot: ·

In the realm of “just plain fun” podcasts, the recent discovery is The Pretzel Podcast. 🥨🥨🥨

Frustrated by ssh smashing together its command arguments so that you can’t get whitespace through the command.

> ssh user@host bash -cx "printf \$'>%s<\\n' 'a b c'"   
+ printf
printf: usage: printf [-v var] format [arguments]

And TIL about sshpass(1).

The William S. Burroughs / Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy collaboration “Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales” is so, so good.

Today’s Ruby silliness: To get a current Date in UTC, you’ve got to Time.new.utc and extract the year, month, and day from that.

Today I am grateful for Zsh’s *(*) patterns.

🍕 Eat It, New York: Inside The U.S. Pizza Museum, Which Chicago Obviously Deserves

Blrg. Burnt again looking for File.glob in Ruby.

Whoever thought that Dir.glob was the right place for it was wrong.