Elliot Shank

Frustrated by ssh smashing together its command arguments so that you can’t get whitespace through the command.

> ssh user@host bash -cx "printf \$'>%s<\\n' 'a b c'"   
+ printf
printf: usage: printf [-v var] format [arguments]

And TIL about sshpass(1).

The William S. Burroughs / Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy collaboration “Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales” is so, so good.

Today’s Ruby silliness: To get a current Date in UTC, you’ve got to Time.new.utc and extract the year, month, and day from that.

Today I am grateful for Zsh’s *(*) patterns.

🍕 Eat It, New York: Inside The U.S. Pizza Museum, Which Chicago Obviously Deserves

Blrg. Burnt again looking for File.glob in Ruby.

Whoever thought that Dir.glob was the right place for it was wrong.

Still no ennui or schadenfreude emojis: blog.emojipedia.org/service-d…

time(2) lies! It’s all lies!

TIL that POSIX epoch time does not allow for leap seconds. Mind blown.

These are Zsh functions, but you can change them to Bash via the liberal application of quotation marks.

Fans of The Incomparable’s Old Movie Club should know that Get Carter (1971) and The Taking of Pelham One Two Three are on sale on iTunes for $5 each.

Hey, @chetcast, why don’t you add yourself to microcast.club

The current season’s most accurate name would be “cicada madness”.

This traffic cone has been here for years


East side of Olgilvie Station @ Washington & Canal


“Computer, enhance.”

OMFSM, the disco balls were used.

“Chechov’s disco ball”

Why is there no “head desk” emoji?

One of my favorite things about *nix is that stdin, stdout, and stderr are nothing more than user-space conventions supported by open(2) and dup(2) using the lowest numbered unused filehandle.

C++ is such a pain in terms of having to continually think of storage and object lifetime.

Yum. www.theonion.com/hellmann-…

I pay 3 podcast networks and 1 individual podcast to openly share their work. I hope the walled-off networks shrivel up and die. twitter.com/marcoarme…

Cherry Cola Oreos are horrid.

Different ways of venting political anger: overcast.fm/+Mala3UcW…

If you are an Amazon customer (and who isn’t these days), you should listen to this week’s Reply All: overcast.fm/+DzGWWaMx…