Elliot Shank

If you live in Chicago and have not voted early, be ready for Tuesday’s election.

Never thought there would be a good explanation of why tariffs are bad that involved a sink clogged with lasagna.

It’s furniture and it’s lunch.

The earworm that I’ve had for the past day and a half: Do You Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth So Help Your Black Ass?. 🎵

Hi clonezone,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging into Instagram. We can help you get straight back into your account.

I haven’t used Instagram since Facebook bought them.

I wish Alto’s Odyssey wasn’t impossible to play half the time due to not being able to see what is going on. And cranking the brightness to max does not fix the situation.

What have you done this time, npm?

Check your voting machine security.

Third Coast Percussion makes me so happy. Tonight’s concert was so much fun. 🎵

Screen adaptive head(1) and tail(1) functions.


function hed {
    head -n $(( $(tput lines) - $(eval "wc -l <<<$'$PS1'") )) "$@"

function tal {
    tail -n $(( $(tput lines) - $(eval "wc -l <<<$'$PS1'") )) "$@"


function hed {
    head -n $(( $(tput lines) - $(wc -l <<<"$PS1") )) $@

function tal {
    tail -n $(( $(tput lines) - $(wc -l <<<"$PS1") )) $@

Note that my Zsh PS1 has real newlines in it, so there is no need for eval.


This may sound boring at first, but it is short. Stay through the ABBA anecdote. overcast.fm/+LGq5Afqy…

Since I’m on this weird protocol trail, it turns out there’s a /dev/null protocol, the Discard protocol on TCP port 9.

Correction: QOTD protocol is TCP port 17. Port 13 is the Daytime protocol, which isn’t any more useful.

TIL about the QOTD protocol, which takes up TCP port 13.

Still no ennui or schadenfreude emoji. twitter.com/Emojipedi…

Perl: ( {} ) x 5 produces 5 references to the same hash, not 5 separate hashes. Grrr.

It’s one of the best kinds of days that only happens on rare occasions.

It’s code deletion day!

👍for 🚀.

Looks like with Vim v8, you can no longer «:call SetFileTypeSH(‘bash’)» to override the shell variant.

Instead you need to invoke «:call dist#ft#SetFileTypeSH(‘bash’)».

New Meat Beat Manifesto album is mostly a pleasant rehash of past material, but is lacking in new ideas. (Bought it anyway, of course.) 🎵