I just “love” how long these signs last.

📖 The Tragedy of UCS-2

My favorite IOCCC entry from when I was in college: ioccc.org/1989/jar….

char*_="Hello world.\n";

Weirdness: getting SMS spam trying to get Facebook credentials about every 40 minutes from succeeding even incomplete phone numbers.

The weird thing about bingeing on www.revolutionspodcast.com episodes is the realization that Mike Duncan pronounces “February” like it is spelled with two “r”s and “often” like it’s spelled with a “t”.

Listened to Cage’s 4’33” on the L this morning with Smart Speed on in Overcast, so, probably, it was more like 2’15”.

🎙 www.ephemeral.show/episode/s…

🎭 It Is Magic is the most well written thing I’ve seen in years.

Found that Vagrant is truncating mtime to microseconds on files in shared directories. Oh, joy.

Grrr. Really want a uint1 datatype in PostgreSQL.

Autocorrect is now suggesting German-looking words. (I’m guessing because I don’t know German.)