The current self-signed-certificate situation in Chrome is so stupid. Chrome is just completely useless to me right now for development.

Oooh. New in Firefox 78:

New RegExp engine in SpiderMonkey, adding support for the dotAll flag, Unicode escape sequences, lookbehind references, and named captures.

I’m voting by mail.…

One of my favorite Wikipedia entries is Time in Indiana. The permutations of time zones and daylight savings time in a single state are ridiculous.

This is what should happen with statues dedicated to racists. 🎙️

Today is a day for Snog’s “Born to Be Mild” 🎵

Guh. What I want in Slack is actual threads, not the current things they call threads, which are actually merely sidebars.

Pretty much what I think of most NoSQL.

Wow. I’m awake now. “Metal Machine Music, part II” just came up on random shuffle. 🎵

I still love Breakmaster Cylinder’s Tokyo 🎵

Tokyo album cover

Zsh comes with Tetris.

June 8th, the Rough House Theatre will be doing another online edition of Nasty, Brutish, and Short. 📺

Having “I pity the fool!” flashbacks:…

TIL about sort -h.

OMFSM. The Kleptones have a Patreon? Sign me up! 🎵

📷 Art will survive

Today, there will be a Meat Beat Manifestation. 🎵

Feeling Captain Vegetable right now. 🎵

Interesting that the local Whole Foods is being turned into a temporary distribution center.

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and git commit histories.

– me 💬

I guess today is going to turn into a 🎵 Musique 🎵 Non Stop 🎵 Techno Pop 🎵 day.

Thank you, Florian.

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.

— Damian Conway, “Perl Best Practices” 💬

Always code assuming that there are bugs somewhere else in your code, because there are.

– Me. 💬

It’s an Opus Dei kind of day. 🎵

TIL about Ctrl-Shift-C and Ctrl-Shift-V to copy and paste in Gnome Terminal.