Work from home fallout: debugging service generated email that MS Outlook for Mac claimed had no subject.

Turns out, the subject is there, it’s just longer than Outlook likes. C’mon, Outlook for Mac, you can do better.

Modified service to produce shorter email subjects.

I’ve been listening to Dead Can Dance, Gerrard, and Perry on shuffle all day.

Reached The Host of the Seraphim and it hit me just perfectly. (The video is the part of Baraka where the song was used.)


♬ Don’t believe their lies ♬ Stay the fuck at home ♬

O’Reilly shutting down their conference business is just gobsmacking. I don’t know how to react. This is so sad.

I have gotten so used to having a Touch Bar that I miss it when using an old MBP and a dialog pops up with multiple non-default options. I’m stuck for a minute and have to think about how do I select that button?

Really appreciating the use of invisible chapters in the Stratechery Daily Update podcast to show charts.

Monday at 7pm America/Chicago, Rough House Theater’s quarterly Nasty, Brutish, and Short will be live streamed. Watch, watch, watch!

🎭 Cabinet of Curiosity’s “The Farewell Fables” got live streamed from Links Hall earlier this evening.

Go watch some puppets, a violin being played in a very non-traditional manner, some retiring gods, “the milk of vegans”, and a toiletbike.…

Reading all the depressing stuff going on, but then iTunes shuffled to Kate Bush’s “The Big Sky” and things got brighter. 🎵

Impressive turnout for early voting for the Illinois primary on a Sunday afternoon.

Watched The Last Starfighter (1984) for the first time today. Weird waiting so long to see a hit movie from when I was in high school.

Listening to Mike Duncan talk on this week’s Revolutions episode about Russian censors and just got this picture in my head of a book of cute cat pictures, with cutesy, yet subversive, text like naming a kitten Toussaint Louverture.

Watching “I, Claudius” again due to I, Podius.

Just watched Livia’s “pep talk” to the gladiators. I want to know how she learned all the tricks they attempted.

What I really miss from Day One v1 is the ability to edit complete entries in Vim. There is no way to get at every aspect of an entry now.

The weirdest thing about using Gnome 3 is how windows slowly sink until their bottom edges hit the bottom of the screen when you switch virtual desktops.

Using words from Low Definition to generate test data. My current fake user is “Ballhooter Lakenvelder”.

Don’t listen to podcasts on Spotify:…

Hope you are enjoying the Saturnalia revels.

Just removed all my space movie filters.

If you’re watching The Mandalorian, you might want to give A Complicated Profession a listen. 🎙

Saved up this week’s Hello Internet episode for the best listening venue for any episode of the show: an airplane.

It’s weird that POSIX semaphores allow you to query the current value (sem_getvalue(3)), but provide no way to query the maximum value.

*gobble* I *gobble* 💙 *gobble* Low Definition *gobble* so *gobble* much *gobble*.…

Podcast inspired tourism.

Be wary of what commands you use with Homebrew. You may unknowingly opt yourself into the beta line of development.