Elliot Shank

“Songs About Coffee” is the new “Fingertips”? (They Might Be Giants)

📺 Circus | Written by Tom Waits, Narrated by Ken Nordine, Illustrated by Joe Coleman

HTTP servers that return errors with a 200 status. 🙄

🎙️ A debugging story: overcast.fm/+DzGVF52R…

I wonder how this future "default" will need to be turned off.

“Beginning in macOS 10.14.5, all new or updated kernel extensions and all software from developers new to distributing with Developer ID must be notarized in order to run. In a future version of macOS, notarization will be required by default for all software.”



Ewww. Click-tracking built into HTML? Horrid. lapcatsoftware.com/articles/…

No lines for voting. In and out.

External iterators in Ruby are such a pain due to StopIteration. I really, really want a Enumerator#has_next() method.

Code comment I just wrote:

# This could be done using a recursive regular expression, but I
# don't know how many people could maintain the code if it was done
# that way.

Oh, joy. I’m now working on stuff that explicitly cares what happens during a daylight savings changeover.

🎙️Mac Power Users Live

With surprise Europeans flown in.


🎙 The History of History Podcasts

No line to vote today.

systemd fallout

Today’s systemctl --user … learning fun:

  • The difference in resulting environments from ssh user-A@host followed by su - user-B vs. direct ssh user-B@host. You don’t necessarily end up with the same set of variables.
  • An X Desktop Group variable (XDG_RUNTIME_DIR) needs to be set even on systems that don’t have X installed in order for systemctl to find the user systemd agent.

What’s my public IP address? (Plus other stuff about your browser.)


Doom clock

Wow. The Microsoft Consolas font went open source. (via Ricky Mondello)

Today’s minor epiphany: systemd does not parse the names of slices the same way as it does other units. In most units, the hyphen character is not special, but in slices, a hyphen indicates hierarchy.


Nice try.

Was perusing ancient Daring Fireball posts, and decided to look at odeo.com, expecting to be redirected to Twitter. Instead, there’s an announcement about something coming this summer. 🤔 /cc @manton

Running command_line_lint reveals the top shell commands in my history as: gvim (15.7%), vcs (10.0%) (version control wrapper), and ack (7.2%).

Just gave Vim fits by doing a gqip in the middle of a 5777 line, 180KiB swagger.yaml file.

Robocall threatening that my “Microsoft Windows Services” will be stopped and that I will not be able to use my computer. Please call urgent [sic] at Windows Security Department at 1-855-xxx-xxxx.

I can’t remember the last time I ran Windows even in a VM on personal equipment.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. (Thank you Viticci.)

Text stating Your favorite artist of 2018 is: Breakmaster Cylinder

No, I don’t use Apple Music. This is manually syncing from iTunes.

Bless me that I might do your dark works in this, the mortal realm!