Elliot Shank

Running command_line_lint reveals the top shell commands in my history as: gvim (15.7%), vcs (10.0%) (version control wrapper), and ack (7.2%).

Just gave Vim fits by doing a gqip in the middle of a 5777 line, 180KiB swagger.yaml file.

Robocall threatening that my “Microsoft Windows Services” will be stopped and that I will not be able to use my computer. Please call urgent [sic] at Windows Security Department at 1-855-xxx-xxxx.

I can’t remember the last time I ran Windows even in a VM on personal equipment.

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you. (Thank you Viticci.)

Text stating Your favorite artist of 2018 is: Breakmaster Cylinder

No, I don’t use Apple Music. This is manually syncing from iTunes.

Bless me that I might do your dark works in this, the mortal realm!

Today I learned that the standard bulleted list handling in plain text files that I depend upon in Vim is actually a result of its “comments” handling.

I just learned about the CSS user-select: none property.


OMFSM, FLA is doing a cover of “Rock Me Amadeus”.

The Steadfast Tin Soldier: Great costumes. Great puppets. Cool idea for what to do with the musicians. Incomprehensible story at parts. Confusing use of physical scale.

New digital release of the Art Institute of Chicago’s collection means more Ivan Albright for everyone. Hooray!

Yuck: slack.com/cookie-ta…

But amazing that it is documented.

Get yourself an education and learn from The Carl Stalling Project.

Reading pipe(7). That BUGS section: ouch.

Finally an iDevice that can hold my music collection.

Elevator buttons at the National Museum of Mathematics.

There are a lot of people trying to figure out how people are going to vote outside my polling place.

Allison Truj and Brian Hamilton are awesome: most-important-meal.com/episodes/…

Today I learned that, if you unset PS1 in Bash, it really displays nothing as a prompt. I would have thought that it would display something.

Listening to The Doubleclicks’ Music for Nerds by Women and Nonbinary Folks playlist. 🎵

📺 “Why can’t you recycle plastic bags in Chicago?” www.youtube.com/watch

Just figured out that exa does Mac-style ordering of numbered filenames. Awesome!

Giving prettyping a try. Nice, so far.

The source name length limit in RECaf is extremely frustrating.

Naming new iPhone Amphibious Blustery Flapdoodle.

Finding unlocking of Apple Watch via unlocking iPhone to be significantly slower with iOS 12/watchOS 5.