Malware that likes to give the middle finger to anyone that wants to de-fang it.

Securonix Threat Labs Security Advisory: Detecting STEEP#MAVERICK: New Covert Attack Campaign Targeting Military Contractors

Most malware, when it fails a sandbox, or anti-analysis check, will typically halt execution and quit. This hostility in this script was interesting. When the check fails, rather than quitting, it will disable the systems network adapters, use netsh to configure the Windows Firewall to block all inbound and outbound traffic, and then uses an obfuscated PowerShell command “(&gal [?r0]*m)” in place of the “Remove-Item” commandlet, to delete everything in the user’s profile directory, G:\, F:\, and E:\ drives recursively. Then the computer will shut down via the commandlet “Stop-Computer”.

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